Corporate solutions

I assist corporate Clients who wish to open bank or similar accounts with all necessary documentation their Compliance requires. If required, I can review and recommend suitable banking partners compatible with your company profile.

Why outsource as a company?

  • You are looking for the best suitable banking partner for you in terms of costs, services, location, understanding and your cultural preferences?
  • You wish to optimize the chances of success to open an account within a specific Bank?
  • You want to avoid as many unnecessary requests from the bank’s compliance department?
  • You need assistance to establish a proper KYC on the story of your company and the justification of revenues and profits?
  • You want to have a pre-check on the information that the bank might find about your company to better anticipate the bank’s expectations?
  • You need advice in relation to KYT, including origin of account opening funds?

Examples of specific services offered:

  1. Pre-check and advices on the company profile, its directors, beneficial owners etc…: whether you are looking for onsite or offsite services, we can assist in performing due diligence with your own instruments or, outsourcing completely to us using own tools.
  2. Preparation of relevant KYC and KYT documentation including SOW (source of wealth) and SOF (source of funds): we develop and refine your story with a view to being accepted and welcomed by the targeted financial partners.
  3. Liaison and communication with the bank’s compliance department: we interact at your place with their compliance department, to faster the onboarding process.
  4. Assistance in preparation and completion of bank applications and all related documents: we assist you to gain time and navigate the bank’s application process.
  5. Introduction where required to suitable banking institutions, EAM, or Fintech companies: we can recommend the most suitable partners for you, considering your needs, expectations, activity planned and culture.
  6. Full website Compliance review incorporating functionality, usability and security amongst others: we can assist you in making sure that your website is compliant and commercial.
  7. TBD si on met => Advise you up on suitable tech partners and platforms: to facilitate your on-line transactions.

Cryptocurrency and digital money guidance and introduction to bona fide solutions for investment, transaction and trading: we can advise you with a view to maximizing your investment, transaction functionality and trading solutions which meet your needs.